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Here’s some further information regarding carpet patching, because repairing your carpet could save you lots of time and money! If your carpet is damaged, please reach out today to find out how we can help.

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Carpet patching is most common carpet repair. Again, it does require the use of a customer-provided remnant, but we can still help if you don’t have any extra carpet available. We can take “matching” carpet from an area like a back of a closet to use for patch, and then provide a non-matching remnant to avoid bare spot where we’ve taken from. We say “matching” because although carpet in your closet is same carpet as area needing patch, it’s seen less daylight and less traffic. Which, typically, makes it a different shade of color than area being patched into. The piece we can provide to avoid bare spot will definitely not match, as there’s just so many different types of carpet and color variations. 

Bleach Stain – Before and After Carpet Patching

Here’s a funny example of when a carpet patch worked out really well. This example is pretty funny because patch is needed in a doorway, most common area damaged that ends up needing patch, but only because bleach ended up spilling here rather than elsewhere. We’re usually dealing with pet damage, as shown on our home page. 

Sometimes it’s best to perform patch on a diagonal, to avoid running patch seams in same directions of original seaming. This helps patch not be as visible, though carpet remnant provided for this patch was already a pretty good match. This is about as straight-forward as carpet patching comes. There’s no real way to get rid of that bleach spot besides cutting it out, and look how much better area looks after carpet patching is performed!

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Doorway Transition – Before and After Carpet Patching

Like we said, doorways are most common damaged area that end up needing carpet patch. This example has elements of classic pet damage, but there’s more to this one. This patching issue actually began with loose carpet, and extended damage could have been avoided. It looks like seam started to split because carpet started to bunch on each side of it, which made seaming weak; causing it to split. Then, seam was attacked by pet (or just snagged multiple times; we didn’t get the scoop on this one), which made gap worse and eventually led to chunks of carpet missing. 

As you can see, we were able to tighten everything back up, along with patch in material needed to plug holes. And another successful repair is complete. Think you have any area that might need some attention, or you definitely do? Please reach out, as we’d love to go over how we can help.